Private Lesson - 60 minutes




Private lessons are best for students who  are willing to dedicate time and effort to honing their craft.  In Private lessons you will grow as a performer, writer and musician.  




Performance Feedback



This lesson is good for those on a tight budget. When paired with diligent preparation and a specific understanding of what you hope to get out of each meeting, a 30 minute lesson can be a good option.



Private Lesson - 30 minutes


Songwriting Feedback
Group Lesson - 60 minutes


$20.00 (per student)


Group lessons are well suited for seasoned writers and those who are just starting.  Groups are paired according to skill  to allow for maximum growth.  (Max: 5 students per group) Available online only.



Audition or Event Prep


Includes a Skype/Phone consultation and two, thirty minute lessons with frequent contact, recordings, and feedback in-between.






Send in a video or recording for in depth feedback on lyrics, song structure, melody, arrangement, production etc.. Include a description as well as any requests for more specific feedback.





Send in a video for feedback on technique, style, & performance. Include a description with requests for more specific feedback.




Workshops are catered to the needs of those in attendance, be it teachers, students, etc. I teach contemporary vocal techniques, performance and songwriting. These topics and associated exercises are catered to each event. I also teach Master Class workshops where attendees have the  opportunity to perform and receive immediate feedback. I strongly recommend that every event set aside time for this. Only available via video conference.

Email for pricing, scheduling & more details. 



Lessons are available in person at my home studio in Eugene, Oregon and online. Travel lesson slots are available, but will incur additional fees. All in person lessons must meet the COVID requirements below.



Before EVERY lesson answer the following questions:​

▪ Have you had a cough? 
▪ Have you had a fever? (at or above 100.3.)
▪ Have you had shortness of breath? 
▪ Have you been in close contact with anyone with these symptoms or anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14 days? 

1. If your answer is yes to any of these questions you will need to either have your lesson online or reschedule it until your symptoms (cough, fever and shortness of breath) have been resolved, and fever has been resolved without medication for at least 72 hours. If you've had contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 you will need to quarantine for at least 14 days after contact. If you have any doubt DO NOT come.

2. You must disinfect your hands directly before entering my home (hand sanitizer will be provided).

3. We will keep 6 ft. between us during lessons.

4. Students are required to wear a mask. 

5. I am asking that students come alone to lessons to limit the number of people in my home. This means that parents that usually sit in on lessons will be asked to wait outside.

Other Notes:

1. I will disinfect all touched surfaces between lessons.

2. Please, Please, Please use an ABUNDANCE of caution. If you feel symptomatic AT ALL or have had contact with someone who is, do not come to my house. We can meet online or reschedule. You will not be billed for lessons rescheduled due to illness. (Other cancellations still require 24 hours notice.)