I started Songsmith Studio in 2014 in the corner of my 500 square foot apartment. I was almost done with my Bachelors degree in music (emphasis in singing and songwriting) and I wanted to share the skill of songwriting.
I had discovered the therapeutic and healing power of writing music at the tender age of 14 and had been saved by it more than once.
Plus, after being a teaching assistant in the songwriting courses at my university for 3 years, I knew that anyone could write a song.
With this vision in mind I started with 5 students and continued to tweak my songwriting curriculum over the first 6 months. I watched in awe as my students embraced their vulnerability and wrote from the heart, as their creativity flourished their curiosity and confidence grew.

Students who had once been so nervous to sing in front of me that their voices had tremored, were now playing at open mics, joining bands and asking to have performance coaching.
Each new accomplishment fed their desire to learn more. 
While I had been working as a professional singer/songwriter for over 5 years at this point, I knew I could only pass on my own knowledge for so long.
So I enrolled in the top contemporary vocal pedagogy training program in the state, studied curriculums for instruments I played (piano, guitar, ukulele) invested in recording equipment and took audio engineering courses and developed methods that were fun and easy to grasp.
During this time I continued to grow my career as an artist and ran two successful crowdfunding campaigns and independently released 5 EP's.
My formal education and experience as an independent artist has enabled me to create a
safe space for my students to rapidly improve their technical skills and to build the confidence they need to make bigger musical leaps than they ever thought possible.

Come experience what it feels like to be a part of Songsmith Studios!


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Eugene, Oregon

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