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To say Hannah is a great voice teacher would be an understatement. She is. But she has also helped me with a lot more than that. I started lessons with her 4 months ago and I have made great improvements since then. I have been singing for over 13 years and have taken from several other teachers. Those who know me consider me a great singer, but she has still found ways to help me improve.


Hannah also helped me to start writing music, taught me to improvise and has made me an all around better musician. I would recommend her to just about anyone. It doesn't matter if you're brand new, or have been singing a long time. She's fun, honest, easy to get along with, and most importantly her methods work. 

- Israel N.

Hannah's awesome! She went above and beyond in assisting me in singing and songwriting. She also gave guidance for production, recording and helped me navigate the local music scene. Hannah knows what she is talking about in vocal and music techniques, as well as the business side of music. And even more importantly, she loves what she does and has a natural ability for teaching in a way that will help you grow immensely! 

- Nicole B.

Everything I struggle with, she finds a solution and helps me better myself and my voice.

- Kelsey H.

Hannah was an incredible instructor. She worked very well with my goals and was kind and patient. She explained concepts well and was extremely knowledgeable and experienced. I could tell she cared about me as a person and not just as a student, which I really appreciated. I would consider her a friend as well as a teacher. I’d recommend her to anyone!

-- David N.

Hannah is really great at getting my daughter comfortable during lessons. She keeps her focused and on task all while having fun! Super lucky to have found a great teacher for our daughter's vocal lessons!

- Megan W.

My children have made great progress with singing and songwriting under Hannah's instruction. She is flexible, knowledgeable, personable and knows her stuff.

- Rebecca B.

Hannah is great to work with! My daughter just loves her.

-Amelia R.

I found Hannah a couple of years ago as I wanted to improve my singing. Hannah quickly put my insecurities to rest. Her acceptance of my limitations was what I noticed first, then her love for music. Such a love that my every attempt was obviously beautiful to her!

Hannah has continually nudged me to explore more and more in the music world. Now two years later she has me flipping songs, writing new ones, learning to accompany my singing on an instrument (so far I have wanted to work on piano but Hannah has also encouraged me to learn the ukulele), and she has managed to instill in me a love of music that I had only an inkling of for most of my life.

I truly think I have found a gem in Hannah. Without her encouragement and expert guidance, I would still be humming quietly to songs today. However, now I’m able to capitalize on my strengths and sing loud with confidence. I have written several songs and performed them too. What used to be intimidating and mysterious is now accessible to me, and I plan to stay with Hannah indefinitely.

-Lynda M.


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